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Good morning I know I'm not a regularly poster but I'm busy with the school.. Yesterday all my friends were invited at an barbecue.. except me. So I felt like oh my god what did I wrong? ! But i think this is life sometimes your in sometimes not but thats okay you have to be above such things and this is one of them
18.5.14 09:56



this will be my first post. I am a little bit excited and i hope you like me and my blog. So maybe you should know: I am from Germany and my english is in some cases very horrible and i will excuse myself already. But I hope you still can understand. I don't want to become famous or want to earn money i just want to share my hopes, dreams and feelings..

Unfortunately I am not the person in this picture but maybe i will post a picture of me soon.

14.5.14 20:28

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